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Cradle of Forest RPG

How to get around the Hill

Cradle of Forest-info and NPC stuff


How to get around the Hill

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holy goat
Overview- Lake area

South Vale area map 1 (SH2)

South Vale area map 2

Resort area map (SH1)

Old Silent Hill

the red Xs represent cracks in the road. At nightmare time these can only be crossed by going underground or flying over.

Central Silent Hill

At this time, a map of the Lakeside Amusement Park, where the Order's headquarters ("the lakeside church" or "the other church" as it's referred to) are actually located is not available.
These children's drawings give some idea of the layout behind the chapel itself; what each room is will be added at some point if we have time.If you do not know one of the clergy or in-the-know locals(ie. Vincent, Walter, Heather or Claudia) you will be incapable of accessing the rooms of the church other than the main chapel. The church's location itself is a bit of a secret, and the quarters and ritual room are below ground and considered secret.
Inner church floor 1

Inner church floor 2

The Wish House, the orphanage where many of the children grew up, has burned down, but its ashes are located southwest of the lake itself between the South Vale and Paleville neighborhoods.

Neighboring towns include Brahms and Pleasant Valley. A smallish city called Ashfield is an hour or two away.

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fear_of_blood, 2004-10-31 21:00:00.
Here's to em!

NEW! (old?)
Origins takes place years before SH1. But... the maps add new streets not yet seen in the prior games. As anyone knows who ever returned to a town they used to live in only to find it changed, most of the places in the map though would not be relevant to this game (except in the Otherworld, where time is fluid...)
More central SH (0rigins)

Names of actual stores and other places of note can still be found here; this page is an update for same. If you've arrived from there, hey, don't go in circles!
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