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Don't you hate rules?
Rules are totally the most boring part of joining anything.
BUT... so you don't find yourself leaving in a great mope crying 'those guys suck', or joining up and then realizing this just won't work for you, to the lament of those that had gotten used to you read and TRY to work with these, ok?

That way nobody has to come up to you in midplay and tap you on the shoulder and play bad cop, and everyone will get along in something remotely like harmony and good RP.<br>

<font size=3>1).<i>Can't stress this enough- <u><b>NO</u> GODMODDING</b>!!</i></font>
By this, what do we mean? Not that you're cockroached- hey, if your pup has superpowers, that's fine, but make sure it <i>fits</i> the storyline you're trying to join. You don't bring an atom bomb to a knife fight, likewise, if you see a roomful of people playing cutesy Disney animals, your planet destroying Gundam, or Arnold Schwarzenaegger sized serial killer is NOT gonna work in this setting.

Well, unless they ask you. ;) If they don't, switch out Cs and bring something appropriate!!

<i>rule 1 part B)</i>.Ok, so maybe this RP you've joined okays a super being. Just keep in mind- no one is immortal. Even the MOST big badass boss in a game eventually goes down. Ask before initiating a combat RP with <i>anyone</i>, and if they're not interested, back off and keep your ubermega guns in your pants.
When in doubt, use dice rolls to determine damage and dodges, and if you get hit, for crying out loud be a man about it and TAKE DAMAGE. Even Rambo bleeds. Because of the nature of the room, no death need be forever, but no one will want to play fight with you if you can't take your lumps.

<font size=3>2).<i>Sexy is as sexy does.</i></font>
Remember rule 1? Posting how another character feels when they see your C will only get you laughed at. "as you gaze upon -name here- a mad rush of desire passes thru you..." uh...no. As we gaze upon wannabe casanova, we laugh at the futility of his attempt to get roleplay.

There ARE. <i>Girls</i> here. (or, if you're doing yaoi,ukes,too!)Some of them even will, in the right circumstances, c-sex your pup up. This comm is NP-17, and so long as you take your sex scenes into PMs in the chat (or post them friendslocked and under an lj-cut in the comm, it's all good. However...

This is not a dating service. Even if someone is playing your dream C, they are not obligated to fulfill your RP fantasy. Someone not interested? <b>Back off</b>. Don't wait for a mod to tap you and cockblock you; this means you're one step from bannination.

Just because your pup is hung like a Sasquatch, has a charisma of 10, and you're using Jared Leto as your C pic, does not mean anyone HAS to like having the make put on em.

<i>rule 2 part B</i>).
 You can apply for multiple Cs but kindly? Don't apply for both halves of a couple so you can write long and lengthy self-fuck scenes. There's a word for it: <i>masturbation</i>. Save that stuff for adultfanfiction.com, or better still, under your blankies at home, thanks. No one is interested.

<font size=3>3.<i>Keep you canons in character</i>.</font>
Says it like it is. If you're playing a well known C from movie, Tv, books etc. make sure it's recognizable. A little variation is fine, but if it's so warped into something other and someone cries canon rape? We are going to ask you give the C to someone who knows what they are doing.

<font size=3>4.<i>IC =/= OOC).</i></font>
 In the series, character A and character B are mortal enemies. That's fine. But if after the game is over you can't find it in your heart to be nice to the MUN who played the villain, don't come around here no more. Even bad guys need love when the masks are off.

Likewise- if you hate a MUN, do NOT play with them. If you use all your Cs to take out an animosity you have on the person, you will be asked to leave.

Also likewise, just because someone is playing a romance RP with you, this doesn't mean they love you. Stalkers will be chased away with all due haste.

<font size=3>5.<i>Listen to the S/T</i></font>.
 If you've joined someone else's storyline, that someone is calling the shots. Do not 'decide' to rescue someone who might be playing injured because maybe they want their character hurt, or are waiting for someone ELSE to rescue them. Nor slay ALL the monsters because you want to be special-hero-guy. Some storylines are slow paced to build suspense.
If you start acting out and making yourself in charge of something you didn't start, you may quickly find all your actions ignored.

<i>rule 5 part B</i>). If you ARE the S/T, make the story fun or you'll be a party of one.   If you set up a scene where only your Cs can win? No one will want to play with you twice. Figure out what the players playing with you want to play. Grand ego trips will often find themselves alone, too.

<font size=3>6.<i>Grammar need not be perfect, but make sure we can read you.</i></font>
Not everyone is an English major, no. Hells, some people it isn't even their first language, and more power to them for knowing more than one.
But TRY to spellcheck and make use of punctuation.
Don't mock those who can't, however. How will they ever learn if no one is willing to beta? Let the wise teach, and the unpolished learn from their mistakes. Don't get mad if someone corrects you, but likewise try to work on it a bit if the other players find you incomprehensible.
Together we will become more and more lit writers.
<font size=3>7.<i>Keep your characters active.</i></font>
Someone might want to RP with them? Or at the very least, someone might want to play them if you've gotten tired of them.

((to be continued.))

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